Fix NYC Plan

Frequent public transit failures such as train derailments, significant delays and long wait times have sparked outrage among New Yorkers and the city’s labor, business, environmental, and transportation advocates. Following 2017’s “Summer of Hell,” Governor Cuomo announced that “congestion pricing is an idea whose time has come.” In October, the Governor convened the Fix NYC panel, a group of experts and regional leaders, to develop a plan that tackles the “pressing issue of heavy congestion on New York City roads and highways, while producing a dedicated funding stream for the MTA.” The panel recommended an updated and fair congestion pricing plan, with improved transit for commuters in outer boroughs and suburbs, long-term investment in crumbling infrastructure, and discounts for drivers that already pay tolls.

The region’s public transit is in full-blown crisis. Fix NYC is the right plan to get NYC moving again.

The time for Albany to act is now!
Call your legislators!