background image of subway platform congestion

The region’s transportation is in full-blown crisis.

We need to reduce traffic and fix our broken transit system. Tell your legislators Fix NYC is the right plan to get NYC moving again.

The Fix NYC Transit Campaign unites a diverse group of business, labor, environmental and transportation advocates with a shared commitment to fix the public transit crisis and cut traffic congestion by enacting a comprehensive congestion pricing plan. 95 percent of New Yorkers will not see an increase in the price of their commute. All of us will benefit from reduced traffic, faster buses and new funding to fix our subways and expand transit options in the region.

Together, the group has launched a campaign to urge the Legislature and Governor to adopt the Fix NYC panel’s recommendations as part of the state budget, expected to be adopted on April 1, 2018. The campaign will educate voters and encourage NYC elected officials and community leaders to join the push to reduce traffic congestion and fix our failing subway and bus systems.

The time for Albany to act is now!
Call your legislators!